1. Employment (5/12/13):

Whilst not currently recruiting directly, we would be very interested in hearing from suitably qualified individuals or private Architectural practices that run compatible CAD Software and who are willing to undertake drawing work for the 'Building Regulations' and 'Production' phases of our expanding workload. For interest we currently use Revit 2014 and AutoCAD Architecture 2014 but have previous releases also

The work would be undertaken on a pre-agreed lump sum by project basis, with communications between the respective offices being by electronic transfer of drawings and other necessary documents. Any interested parties should use the contact information given on this site to make comtact. However, for sustainable and practical reasons, only candidates within the Cornwall area of the UK, or in close striking distance, will be considered.

Please note also that this should not be considered as an offer of work or sustained work. Consideration of the merits of any intersted party, meeting the criteria outlined above, will be at the discretion of the "Robertson Partnership".

Helen M Robertson

Practice Administrator

2. Holidays (12/09/12):

No holidays scheduled currently that will cause an office closure.

3. Technical Literature (12/09/12):

We are always pleased to receive up to date literature from manufacturers and wholesalers wishing to provide it. We would prefer it in electronic format, if possible; PDF, DWF or similar which can be saved to our Technical Library and from where it can easily be retrieved and viewed. Use our library email for this purpose please.
For those unable to send literature in electronic format we are happy to receive it through the mail on digital media or in printed format provided all the materials used in it's manufacture are from sustainable sources.

Furthermore we shall be very happy to receive details of materials and systems that encourage, or are in themselves sustainable, in terms of their carbon footprint.

We would particularly wish to receive literature relating to products and materials which contribute to the meeting of the Code for Sustainable Housing or parallel ambitions in other building sectors such as BREEAM

4. BREEAM Excellent (12/09/12):

Earlier this year we were encouraged by the fact that one of our projects was awarded the BREEAM Excellent award. The building, for which we undertook full services, is Clear-flow House, the Environmental Management Centre for Clear-Flow Ltd at United Downs Industrial Park, St Day, Redruth, Cornwall

5. Services Contracts (5/12/13):

We are not prepared to discuss Services contracts from utility companies over the phone but we will consider offers or more competitive quotations if sent by surface mail or preferably by email. Please see our contact details on the contacts page