Architect's Services:

A. Standard Services:

Whilst we provide a complete range of Architect's services which cover all aspects of building design and construction it is possible that some who read this may not be conversant with our industries standard terminology for the distinct stages involved which represent these services. This might include those who only require Architect's services once in a lifetime. Furthermore the relevance or distinctiveness of some industry standard work stages, especially on smaller or domestic projects, may be negligible and therefore unnecessarily confusing

For this reason the explanation of our services is offered in two ways, firstly in a simplified style using 'layman's' terms and secondly in the style of the RIBA "Outline Plan of Work 2007" , for those more conversant with the industry. When offering fee proposals we shall quote in the style most suited to the client and their project and this shall be agreed at the outset.

Please contact us, if you find any of this confusing, when she shall do our best to explain further.

Services Simplified:

The following table shows our services in the simplified style with explanations of each in the order they generally progress as landmarks in a project's life. Though the work from each stage is passed to the next each is distinct. In this way the numbered service stages represent 'fee stages' for which we can be individually or collectively commissioned.*

(Table 1) Simplified Plan of Work:

Work Stages (Services)Description of Key Tasks
Design1OutlineDiscuss client's requirements and advise of practicality and any refinements.
Develop initial design for client and local authority consideration.
(Since the advent of statutory charging by Local Authorities for Pre-Application enquiries, we will split the 'Outline' Work Stage into two distinct services where necessary.)
2FinalRefine client's approved design and prepare application for detailed planning approval.
Technical Design3Statutory Details & Specification Preparation of detailed drawings and specifications sufficient to obtain Building Regulation Plans approval .
4Production InformationComplete working drawing and specification set as required for tendering and construction.
Contract Preparation5Tender DocumentationIdentification and evaluation of potential building contractors. Collation and duplication of documentation in sufficient detail to enable quotations to be obtained.
6Tender ActionDistribution of documentation and liaison with tendering contractors. Receipt and reporting of quotations to client.
7MobilisationLetting a building contract by appointment of the contractor.
Issuing of information to the contractor and arranging site hand over to them.
Construction8 Construction to Practical CompletionAdministration of the building contract, including inspection of the works and monitoring progress until practical completion. Provision further information as and when reasonably required.
9Post Practical CompletionFinal inspections and administration of the building contract. Assisting building user during their initial occupation.

* Dependant on the project some of the numbered service stages may be lumped together as a single fee stage. If this is the case then this will be made clear when offering fee proposals.

(Table 2) RIBA Outline Plan of Work 2007:

The table shown below is based on that originally published by the Royal Institute of British Architects however the 2007 version, on which it is based, has been superceded by the RIBA Outline Plan of Work 2013 and whilst we shall shortly be updating the "Work Stages Table" shown to reflect these changes, the first link below can be used to consult the RIBA Outline Plan of Work 2013 Overview document and the second can be used to see the revised table template. The 2013 version provides more flexible approach.:
RIBA Work Stages (Services)Description of Key Tasks
PreparationAAppraisalIdentification of client?s needs and objectives, business case and possible constraints on development.
Preparation of feasibility studies and assessment of options to enable the client to decide whether to proceed.
BDesign BriefDevelopment of initial statement of requirements into the Design Brief by or on behalf of the client confirming key requirements and constraints. Identification of procurement method, procedures, organisational structure and range of consultants and others to be engaged for the project.
DesignCConceptImplementation of Design Brief and preparation of additional data.
Preparation of Concept Design including outline proposals for structural and building services systems, outline specifications and preliminary cost plan.
Review of procurement route.
DDesign DevelopmentDevelopment of concept design to include structural and building services systems, updated outline specifications and cost plan.
Completion of Project Brief.
Application for detailed planning permission.
ETechnical DesignPreparation of technical design(s) and specifications, sufficient to co-ordinate components and elements of the project and information for statutory standards and construction safety.
Pre-ConstructionFProduction InformationF1 - Preparation of detailed information for construction.
Application for statutory approvals.
F2 - Preparation of further information for construction required under the building contract. Review of information provided by specialists.
GTender DocumentationPreparation and/or collation of tender documentation in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained for the project.
HTender ActionIdentification and evaluation of potential contractors and/or specialists for the project.
Obtaining and appraising tenders; submission of recommendations to the client.
ConstructionJMobilisationLetting the building contract, appointing the contractor.
Issuing of information to the contractor.
Arranging site hand over to the contractor.
KConstruction to Practical CompletionAdministration of the building contract to Practical Completion.
Provision to the contractor of further Information as and when reasonably required.
Review of information provided by contractors and specialists.
UseLPost Practical CompletionL1 - Administration of the building contract after Practical Completion and making final inspections.
L2 - Assisting building user during initial occupation period.
L3 - Review of project performance in use.

B. Architect's Certificates:

Commonly called 'Professional Consultant's Certificates' by the Coucil for Mortgage Lenders we provide a stand alone service of inspection and certification of construction, mostly domestic, for the comfort of mortgage lenders who wish to know that a building, for which they are lending money to a potential buyer, has been built to a satisfactory standard. This is most commonly required where an NHBC Certificate cannot be provided.

Further information on these Certificates is available from both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Coucil for Mortgage Lenders. Follow the links for further information from their respective websites.

Other Services:

This section of our 'Services page' has yet to be developed fully however we do offer the following services mostly on the basis of a quoted lump sum fee:

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